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Juneteenth 2023

Thank you for making the choice to showcase your business at the BLACK IS...

Juneteenth festival. Below you will find a collection of videos to help instruct you during setup on June 17th, 2023. Please do not hesitate to reach out if you still have questions.


Enter the X- Atrium

1. Upon entry to the front of the x-atrium you will notice an elevator immediately to the left of the doors. 

2. Take the elevator to the second floor and  walk to the left to enter the venue known as "the office"

The Office

The office is the name of the venue that you will be setting up in.  You all will be assigned 10x10 vendor spaces. On entry, your business will be displayed on a list at the front door and given an alphabetical assignment that matches the alphabetical sign on your space. 



1. Enter POST at Bagby and Franklin. 

2. The X-Atrium will be immediately to your right. 

3. Upon entry, you can park on the POST parking lot free for 75 minutes in order to load and unload. 

4. After loading/unloading, please move your car to the parking lot underneath the bridge for the remainder of the event. 

5. Alternatively, you can remain parked in the POST parking lot, however, the cost for full-day parking in POST parking lot is $40. 

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